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NOTICE! In order to use the delivery information management the webshop server must be able to connect to https://www.maksuturva.fi/addDeliveryInfo.pmt

Tools for delivery information management can be found from all orders paid with Maksuturva. These tools are printed under the order information and the linked transaction information page. The tools model the same behavior as the Maksuturva's tools on their KauppiasExtranet order pages.

Any delivery code changes made directly into KauppiasExtranet will make the control tools on the order pages out of sync (as changes in KauppiasExtranet do not propagate into Workspace). Therefore using only either the tools in Workspace or in KauppiasExtranet is adviceable.

To save a delivery method or code:

  • Choose a method.

  • If the chosen method is a registered method, enter a delivery code.

  • If the delivery includes several codes, uncheck the last code checkbox.

  • Send the method.

Delivery codes and methods can be removed and added later on. Any result text shown for different actions are received directly from Maksuturva.