10.6 Finnish payment methods

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10.6.1 Luottokunta

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from Luottokunta. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields.

Picture 10.13 : Luottokunta

  • From ”Payment form language” selection, select language used during payment process

  • In the ”Merchant number” field enter your merchant number.

  • In the ”MAC key” field enter your secret key, you got from Luottokunta. Using this security key MD5 hash created, and used to check, if payment transactions actually are made from your Webshop. You must also enable MAC key checking from Luottokunta's own administration.

  • From "Timestamp type" dropdown select which ID should be used, when generating unique payment stamp for luottokunta system. If using transaction id, then Workspace transaction id will be added into stamp. If using order id, then Workspace order id will be added into stamp.

  • From the ”Transaction type” dropdown select transaction's handling type. 'Authorize' will only cash provision from the cardholder’s card account. You have to manually debit cardholder's card account from Luottokunta administration. 'Authorize and Debit' will cash provision and debit the cardholder’s card account automatically.

  • From the "DMP interface version" you can select what interface version you are using. It is recommended to use the latest DMP version.

  • Check the "Risk management" checkbox, if you have activated the risk management tools in Luottokunta administration.

  • Put your xml password in the "Password for checking the transaction" field. If you dont have it, then leave the field empty. To get this password you will need to make additional contract with Luottokunta.

  • To use the Luottokunta check transaction in the Order/Search you will need to change the "Transaction type" from 'Authorize' to 'Authorize and Debit'. Because check transaction doesnt work yet with authorized payments. Otherwise you will need to go to bank every time and change the payment status manually.

  • Check the "Use Verified By Visa and MastercardSecurecode logos" checkbox, if you have activated these services from Luottokunta. If checked, then service logos appear on order form.

  • Check the "Use Visa Electron card logo" checkbox, if you have activated Visa Electron card payment service from Luottokunta. If checked, then logo appear on order form.

  • Check the "Use American Express card logo" checkbox, if you have activated Amex card payment service from Luottokunta. If checked, then service logo appear on order form.

  • From https://dmp2.luottokunta.fi you can access Luottokunta's own web administration.

    To enable your customers payments with Visa Electron you should make separate contract with luottokunta. This involves also Verified By Visa contract. In order Visa electron to work with luottokunta payment, card should be Verified by Visa validated. Ask for more information from your bank you get the card.

    MAC-check should be enabled in Luottokunta's own administration. If it's not enabled, then Workspace sets all luottokunta payments into pending state and merchant has to check the authenticity of payments manually from https://dmp2.luottokunta.fi. Make sure that both "Add MAC check to success_url" and "MAC calculation in use" checkboxes are selected.

Finally, click the ”Accept” button.