10.6 Finnish payment methods

10.6.10 Handelsbanken  <<  10.6.11  >>  10.6.12 Sonera Broadband 

10.6.11 Ålandsbanken

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from Handelsbanken. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields.

Picture 10.24 : Ålandsbanken

  • In the”Merchant name” field enter your Merchant name.

  • In the ”Merchant's account” field enter your personal account number.

  • In the "Merchant's ID" field enter the ID you got from the bank.

  • In the "Key version" field enter check key version, you got from bank.

  • In the "Check key" field enter your secret key, you got from bank.

  • From "Language" select language you want to use in payment form.

Finally, click the Accept button.