10.6.7 Aktia Version 003  <<  >>  10.6.8 POP Pankki Version 010

Picture 10.20 : Aktia

  • Online payment address: enter the payment address given to you by Aktia.

  • ”Seller ID”: enter the seller id you received from the bank.

    Enter the Service ID and the Verification in the same field without whitespace characters. Seller ID = Service ID + Verification

  • "Key version to use" - enter the current checksum key version number to use in the shop. When you want to change the checksum key to use, enter its version number here.

  • "Checksum keys": enter two values for every key. The key version number you receive from the bank goes into the field "Key Version" and "Checksum key" field is for the both two parts of the key. Enter the first part and the second part concatenated in that order, without white space or other characters in between the values. Make sure that the key version number of one of the keys entered is set in the field "Key version to use". When Aktia sends you new checksum keys, the key whose version number is not in use can be replaced with the new one in the system.

Finally, click the Accept button.