10.11 Danish Payment Methods

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10.11.1 Nordea Denmark

You can receive most of the information with Workspace or from Nordea bank. Fill in the information at the corresponding fields.

Nordea Denmark
Picture 10.54 : Nordea Denmark

  • Enter your company or Webshop name into the ”Administrator name”- text field.

  • Enter your personal merchant ID into the ”Administrator ID”-field.

  • In the ”Administrators bank account"- field enter your bank account number combination.

  • Enter the MAC key you got from Nordea into ”MAC key”- field. Using this security key, Nordea can check, if payment transactions actually are made from your Webshop.

  • Enter the form of the expiration date into the ”Expiration date (EXPRESS or DD.MM.YYYY)”- field. EXPRESS is recommended.

  • Select the language used in payment, from the ”Language”- selection menu.

Finally, click the Accept button.