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10.12.3 Itella Pick-up Point Register

How to use the Itella Pick-up Point Register

The conditions and instructions for the use of Itella's alternative pick-up point services "Nouto Postin pakettiautomaatista" and "Nouto valitsemastasi Postista" are available at Itella's own web site. Workspace uses the Web Service interface of the Itella pick-up point register 2.0. How to install the pick-up point search on the shop order page is described in a chapter of its own

You can edit the following settings, if you want to change the messages visible in the shop, or Itella requires that every query message sent to them contain the contract number.

  • Maximum results in response: Maximum number of results that are accepted. If there are too many results then "too many results" error is displayed and customer is asked to narrow down his or hers search.

  • Text for "too many results" error: This error is displayed when the Itella response contains too many results.

  • Text for "too few query parameters" error: This error is displayed when there are too few query parameters given

  • Text for "no results" error: This error is displayed when there are no results

  • Fields that are filtered out from client response (CSV): This field allows filtering unnecessary fields from the service response. Format is CSV ie. "field1,field2, ..., fieldN"

  • Contract number: The merchant's contract number with Itella

  • Language: The language parameter, which Workspace sends in the query to Itella. The default language is Finnish. If you want to get results in different languages, or make queries in different languages, we recommend that you contact Itella first.