6.1 Orders

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6.1.10 Selecting a Customer

In the order list, there is either a number or text "Select" in the Customer column. A number means that a customer by that number has placed the order. Clicking the number takes you to the customer details in Customer management.

The customer number appears in the order information, as well. If the customer number is not in the order list or the order information, the customer is unknown. In this case, there is text "Select" in the Customer column in the list.

The system cannot identify the customers even if they had ordered before unless registration and logging in are used in the Webshop.

By clicking "Select" in the order listing or the Choose customer button in the order information tab you can either link the order to an existing customer's orders or create a new customer

Linking an order to a customer / creating a new customer

Selecting customer
Picture 6.12 : Selecting customer

  1. Select the criteria (A) for searching a suitable customer profile. Tick the boxes beside the criteria you want to select and click the Match button (B) to recalculate the percentages

  2. Workspace lists the matching customer profiles (C) based on the selected criteria. If you see a suitable profile, click the Select button (D). Then click the Link order to customer button.

Creating a new customer profile

If you cannot find a suitable customer profile, you can create a new one.

  1. First, click the Create new customer button (F).

  2. The contact details the customer has given are already available. Workspace has also added a running customer number and the order information into the profile.

You can add the profile into a customer group, if you like.

For more information on customer groups, please view the chapter on the Customer module.

Once the profile is finished, click the Create button.