6.1 Orders

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6.1.5 Printing Prinetti Templates

When the prinetti service is activated a button appears which contains all of the prinetti templates that can be printed. You have two options of printing: print template straight away, or modify it and then print. When you modify values of a template, changes won't be saved, and pdf will be printed with modified values. Select way of printing template, simple click on the suitable link of a desired template and you will get pdf and the order follow-up code. Follow- up code will be assigned to the current order (only if test mode is disabled). If there is no saved templates yet, you can create a new one by clicking the button "Create new".

Printing of prinetti template
Picture 6.6 : Printing of prinetti template

if there were some errors during generation of pdf, the form with errors will be shown. Errors or empty string messages appear near the said field. Text color of the empty tabs will be red. Correcting those errors is required to continue printing.

Errors during printing of template
Picture 6.7 : Errors during printing of template

When the errors are corrected, a dialog box appears, where you can download ready pdf file.

Downloading generated template
Picture 6.8 : Downloading generated template