6.3.4 Prinetti

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These settings are needed to make a connection with the Prinetti server with the additional function of enabling/disabling prinetti. These are given when registering with the Prinetti service.

Prinetti connection settings
Picture 6.18 : Prinetti connection settings

Connection settings form has the following fields:

  • Contract Id - a six-digit customer contract code between Itella and the customer.

  • Source system code - beforehand agreed code for Prinetti system for identifying a source system (is always 7 for the Smilehouse Workspace).

  • Echannel code - is unique for each customer and it is linked to the customer's Prinetti license.

  • Authentication key - sender's private key. Authentication key is unique for each customer.

  • Activated - indicates if prinetti is activated. If activated, in Order - Order information tab appears prinetti button.

  • Test indicator - indicates if Prinetti is in test mode or not. If you want to test the Prinetti integration, it is best if you contact Itella and make an agreement about it. If the test indicator is set true, Workspace will not set any follow-up code to the order. The Itella systems handle the information differently in test and production modes, meaning that results might not be the same between test and production environments.