6 Orders Module

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6.1 Orders

In this section you can view orders and modify information relating to them, such as the customer details, items ordered, payment and shipping details and order status.

With Order search you can search orders. On the Order information tab you can see the order information in more detail and modify it. On the Modify order tab you can modify ordered products. On the Selecting customer tab you can link the order to an existing customer or create a new customer. In the Create new order tab you can manually create a new order.

6.1.1 Order Search
6.1.2 Order Information
6.1.3 Sending and Printing Messages
6.1.4 Sending Messages
6.1.5 Printing Prinetti Templates
6.1.6 Deleting an Order
6.1.7 Restoring an Order
6.1.8 Modifying Orders
6.1.9 Order History
6.1.10 Selecting a Customer
6.1.11 Creating a new Order