6.1 Orders

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6.1.1 Order Search

With Order search you can view and search orders. Every order has its own row in the order list. You can view the details of the selected order by clicking the order number (A). If you want to view deleted orders also, click the checkbox in the upper right hand corner (I). Information on deleted orders are shown in light grey.

Workspace lists orders automatically from the newest to the oldest. If you want to list the orders in reversed order, from the oldest to the newest, click the arrow button on the top left hand corner in the order list. When you click it again, the order goes back to the initial stage.

Search orders
Picture 6.1 : Search orders

Searching for an order

  1. Fill in some or all of the following fields:

    • Order number (A)

    • Customer number (B)

    • Information (C) (Searches from order answer texts, ordered items and a reference number match)

    • Payment method (D)

    • Shipping method (E)

    • Total sum (F)

    • Handling status (G)

    • Payment status (H)

  2. If you leave a field blank/not selected, Workspace will not take that information into account when searching orders.

  3. Click the Search button and Workspace will list all the orders that meet the criteria.

  4. If there are more than max amount of orders that meet the criteria, they list up in more than one page. You can change the max amount from the drop down menu on the top right side of the page (J). You can see the new amount of results per page after clicking the Search button.

  5. You can also set ordering criterion by clicking one of the following column headers:

    • Order

    • Customer

    • Payment method

    • Shipping method

    • Amount

  6. A small triangle will appear beside the selected criterion to show the ordering direction. Click the column header again to reverse the direction.

Viewing orders

When an order has been searched from the order list, Workspace lists all orders that meet the search criteria in the chronological order. In this window you can view and search orders. If you want to process an order, click the order number (A). Luottokunta Check Transaction