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6.1.2 Order Information

You can view order information by clicking the order number (A) in the order list. In the window that opens you can see the order details, including the customer's contact details, content of the order, selected shipping and payment method and total amount with and without VAT.

Processing orders and modifying order information

The information on this tab has been given by the customer while filling in the order form. You can modify the status of the order and the relating customer details. You can also create a printer-friendly invoice based on the order information.

Order information
Picture 6.2 : Order information

Changing the payment and handling statuses

The order's current payment and handling statuses are displayed in the corresponding buttons. Open the status selection menu by clicking one of the buttons. Then choose the new status from the drop down menu, fill in a comment if you want to explain the reason for the status change and then click the Ok button. If there is text "Show all statuses" below the list of statuses, clicking it will show also those statuses that have not been configured as allowed status transitions in order statuses -settings. Any status can still be chosen as the new status.

Information/details (A) Here you can see the name and address details that the customer has given when placing the order.

Payment method (B) The payment method has been chosen by the customer when ordering. If the payment method supports checking there's a "Check payment" link on this row. There is also a link that opens the associated payment transaction.

Shipping method (C) The shipping method has been chosen by the customer when ordering.

Amount (D) The total amount of the order.

Order Dates (E) Order created date, order received date and payment date with payment status.

Customer number / linking a customer

Merchant can create a customer number and profile when processing an order. The customer number can be used for searching and listing orders. With customer profiles, merchant can receive information about, for example, the buying behavior of single customers.

If the order has not been linked to any customer you can create a new customer based on the order information by clicking the Create new customer button. If the customer has used the Webshop before, the order can be added to an existing customer profile by clicking the Choose customer button. If password identification is used in the Webshop, the order is automatically linked to the right customer.

Products ordered

In these fields the items ordered, shipping cost, payment cost, VAT, possible interest and the total amount are specified. Order Refund