6.1 Orders

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6.1.8 Modifying Orders

Here you can modify orders content. Add or remove products. Change amount of products in order. Change shipping method and payment method.

Order modification
Picture 6.9 : Order modification

  • Select the order that you want to modify with the Order search function.

  • You can select new shipping method and then click button "Recalculate" to recalculate shipping values depending on selected method. Values will be recalculated depending on any delivery payment rules (you can see how to set them here). All of form field values, that were modified, will be saved.

  • You can remove products from order by ticking the boxes at the beginning of the product row and then clicking "Remove selected products" -button.

  • Change the amount of items ordered by changing the number in the Quantity field. To save changes, click "Accept" -button.

  • Clicking the Add items to order button takes you to the product list, where you can view and search items.

    Adding product into order
    Picture 6.10 : Adding product into order

  • Select first products root group, you want to browse. Product group selection appears. Select product group you wish to browse.

  • Select products you want to add into order by ticking the boxes at the beginning of the product row.

  • When you have selected the items, click the Add selected items to order button.

  • Search products by name or product number. Empty search will list all products of product management.