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Luottokunta check transaction option will help you to check the current status of the payment. If the operation is successful - then you will see the window that is divided in two parts. The upper part shows the current status of the payment. At this point to show the data about the payment - the payment must be either CREDITED or DEPOSITED. The upper part also shows when the payment was created, how much it costs and the description of the payment. The lower part of the check transaction window shows you the last operation that was made with the payment and some additional data about this event.

Sometimes you will get different errors. The most common is - "The payment is not credited or deposited. That can mean 2 things.

  • The payment was not proceeded successfully. And that means that there is no such payment in bank.

  • The payment was proceeded successfully, but is only approved. So you will either need to go to bank and change the status manually and/or in Luottokunta admin GUI(Payment->Payments->Finnish-> Luottokunta) change the "Transaction type" from 'Authorize' to 'Authorize and Debit'. To prevent it from happening.