8.5.1 Mikko.fi Mikko.fi - actions  <<  >>  9 Visual Module Mikko.fi - settings

The settings are required for the the annoucement creation to be possible.

  • Enable Mikko.fi service - toggles the Mikko.fi tab visibility in the product editor

  • Username - username for Mikko.fi

  • Password - password for Mikko.fi

  • Duration of announcement - duration of the announcement in days

  • Primary picture - what picture to send to the service, a product has 5 different pictures to use

  • Infotext - what text field to use for the description of the product

  • Country - sellers country, or the country where the sold product is at

  • Municipality - if the country is set to Finland, the municipality must be selected

  • Description of transport - description of the delivery terms

All of the fields are required, after setting them properly, press OK to save.