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8.5.1 Mikko.fi

Mikko.fi integration allows creation of announcements in the Mikko.fi service. The announcements will link to the webshop with a direct link to the product.

Each product contains a Mikko.fi tab (if the service is enabled).

Mikko.fi product settings
Picture 8.25 : Mikko.fi product settings

If the categories are not available, update the categories from the Mikko.fi actions page.

After selecting a suitable category, save the product data. If all the necessary product data is available, you can export the product to the service.

Mikko.fi product export
Picture 8.26 : Mikko.fi product export

If the product export to Mikko.fi is successful, you can save the product to see the update button. The update button will update the product data in the Mikko.fi service, if it has changed. It is also possible to remove the product from the service after it has been exported.

Mikko.fi product export
Picture 8.27 : Mikko.fi product export

Required product data
  • Product name - Used as the announcements header

  • Product price - Product price is used as the price for the product in the announcement

  • Text info - One of the text info fields is used for product description (see settings)

  • Images - One image is sent to the service (see settings), if the product has no images set, none are sent Mikko.fi - actions Mikko.fi - settings