8.3 Group Letter

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8.3.1 GroupLetter Wizard

GroupLetter wizard allows to create mailing lists based on different email sources. Wizard contains 5 stages, each will be described later in more details:

  • Choose group view

  • Restriction view

  • Add product view

  • Create message view

  • Preview message view

  • Confirmation view

Choose group view

groupletter choose group view
Picture 8.11 : groupletter choose group view

User can import email addresses from :

  • Customer groups

  • Customer search results

  • Order search results

  • CSV files

  • Manually type them in the textarea provided

Note nr.1: csv file field delimiter is "," (without quotes) and record delimiter is ";" (without quotes)

Note nr.2: when using csv files or typing emails manually user can use variables.

Ex: john.doe@example.com, John, Doe; Will create 2 variables

$customer_var_0$ - John, $customer_var_1$ - Doe.

Those variables can be used while creating message text.

Restriction view

groupletter restrict view
Picture 8.12 : groupletter restrict view

User can restrict email sending to some recipients using :

  • CSV files

  • Blacklist

  • Manually type them in the textarea provided

  • Customer direct marketing question

Add products view

groupletter add products view
Picture 8.13 : groupletter add products view

You can use a list of products that can be used in the letter.

Products can be added to six different blocks. For adding the products' variables to the letter use #block product{1-6}.

For example in #block product2 only products from second textarea will be used for filling product variables.

In those blocks you can use all product variables (see the list of product variables).

Create message view

groupletter create message view
Picture 8.14 : groupletter create message view

When composing a message user can choose an existing template, or create message from scratch.

To use WYSIWYG editor click on WYSIWYG tab.

Note : To recieve final statistics after the mailing list has been sent, user must provide valid email address to Errors-to field.

Preview message view

groupletter preview view
Picture 8.15 : groupletter preview view

Preview stage allows to preview the generated message text for email address. By default the preview email message is chosen randomly from the list of all messages. User can preview the message to particular customer by typing email address or customer number to the preview field and clicking refresh. User can also send test email to any email address.

Confirmation view

groupletter confirmation view
Picture 8.16 : groupletter confirmation view

Confirmation stage starts sending the mailing list. Also it shows how many emails will be sent.