8.2.3 Favorites

8.2.3 Favorites  <<  >> Product Groups (Orders) Product Groups (Visits)

This tab contains a pie chart of the most often visited product groups.

Choosing the observation period:

  • Tick the Start box and choose the first day included in the weekly report from the calendar that appears.

  • Tick the End box and choose the last day the weekly report from the calendar.

  • Click the Find button and Workspace will produce statistics of the selected period.

  • Type into the Maximum results field, results (that is product groups) you want to be shown in the chart.

Statistics (visits)
Picture 8.8 : Statistics (visits)

Visits by product groups - circle diagram and chart

In a chart next to the product group name you can see a color that represents the group in the circle diagram, the number of visits and the percentage of all the visits. Every visit is included in the statistics, even though the customer does not buy anything.