8.1 Coupons

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8.1.1 Coupons List / Search

With Coupons list/search you can view and search coupons. Every coupon has a row in the coupon list and up to 20 coupons per page may be displayed. Initially coupons are sorted by id in descending order. The form has buttons to perform search according to values of filled fields, create new coupons and export search result to a csv-file. The navigation bar allows to navigate between pages of search result. By clicking on the headers of the columns you can sort the coupons in the ascending or descending order.

Search coupons
Picture 8.1 : Search coupons

The list has the following columns:

  • Id. An unique numeric identifier for the coupon. Clicking the id opens the coupon editing tab.

  • Group. Name of the group the coupon belongs to.

  • Name. Name of the coupon given at generation.

  • Code. An unique code assigned to coupon at generation.

  • Type. Type of coupon - single or multi-usage.

  • Generated. Date of creation assigned to coupon at generation.

  • Expires. Last date of coupon's validity.

  • Used. Date of coupon usage.

  • Given. Coupon is given to a specified subject.

  • Given to. Identificator of the subject, to whom the coupon was given.

  • Rule. Discount rule of the coupon.

  • Itemcode. An identificator of coupon for external applications.

  • Min sum to activate. Minimal sum of order for coupon to become active.

  • Min sum after activation. Minimal sum of order that should remain after coupon activation.

  • Product codes. Itemcodes of products this coupon applies to. If this field is empty, coupon applies to all products.

  1. If you leave a field blank/not selected, Workspace will not take that information into account when searching coupons.

  2. You may enter partial expressions into search fields (except date fields)

  3. Click the Search button or 'Enter' on keyboard and Workspace will list all the coupons that meet the criteria.

  4. If there are more than twenty coupons that meet the criteria, they list up in more than one page.

  5. You can also set ordering criterion by clicking one of the column headers

  6. A small triangle will appear beside the selected criterion to show the ordering direction. Click the column header again to reverse the direction.