8.1 Coupons

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8.1.2 Coupons edit

With Coupon edit you can modify coupons. After entering values to the fields or modifying them click Accept-button to perform the modification of the coupon. You can start editing a coupon by clicking its id link in Coupon List/Search form.

Edit coupons
Picture 8.2 : Edit coupons

The coupon's modifiable fields are:

  • Name. Name of the coupon.

  • Itemcode. An identificator of coupon for external applications.

  • Expires. Last date of coupon's validity.

  • Given. Coupon is given to a specified subject.

  • To. Identificator of the subject, to whom the coupon was given.

  • Rule. Discount rule of the coupon.

  • Min sum to activate. Minimal sum of order for coupon to become active.

  • Min sum after activation. Minimal sum of order that should remain after coupon activation.

  • Product codes. Itemcodes of products this coupon applies to. If this field is empty, coupon applies to all products. You can modify existing itemcodes and add new ones, one itemcode per line.