8.1 Coupons

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8.1.3 Coupons Create Wizard

Coupon create wizard is needed for making new coupons. It can be opened by clicking "Generate new coupons" on both Coupons List/Search and Coupons Edit pages. The first two pages of the wizard are meant to enter the needed information. The third page is to check the entered data and the fourth page is confirmation of successful accomplishment. You can navigate between pages using "Previous" and "Next" buttons.

Create coupons 1st page
Picture 8.3 : Create coupons 1st page

  • Create new coupon group. Name of a new group to create. You may also choose group name from select box.

  • Name. Name of the coupon.

  • Itemcode. An identificator of coupon for external applications. If left empty, coupon ID is used.

  • Generate. Number of coupons to be generated.

  • Code length. The length of coupons' unique auto-generated code.

  • Code pattern. An alphanumeric string from which the characters of coupon code are chosen.

To proceed, fields marked with red asterisk should have valid input.

Create coupons 2nd page
Picture 8.4 : Create coupons 2nd page

  • Rule. Discount rule of the coupon.

  • Coupon type. Specify if you want to create one-time or multi-usage coupons.

  • Given. Coupon is given to a specified subject.

  • Expires. Last date of coupon's validity.

  • Min sum to activate. Minimal sum of order for coupon to become active.

  • Min sum after activation. Minimal sum of order that should remain after coupon activation.

  • Applies to. Itemcodes of products this coupon applies to. If this field is empty, coupon applies to all products. One itemcode per line.

To proceed, fields marked with red asterisk should have valid input.

Create coupons 3rd page
Picture 8.5 : Create coupons 3rd page

The page gives an overview of entered data before creating coupons.

Create coupons 4th page
Picture 8.6 : Create coupons 4th page

After successful generation the page displays the number of created coupons.