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Pack campaigns have the following settings:

  • Show discount as: Is the discount shown in the webshop as a percentage or as an amount.

  • Pack is created automatically: If the pack products are added to the shopping cart one by one, is the pack created automatically when all the products are in the cart. Packs can also be added to the cart via an "add pack" button in the webshop (see the next chapter).

  • Pack pricing method: What is the total pack price. If a) "total product price", then the pack price is the sum of the pack product prices. If b) "total pack price", the pack price is the price that is given in the "pack total" field above the products. In case a), every pack product's shopping cart row price is the price derived from the price rule for that product. In case b), the given total pack price is divided to all products of the pack proportional to the base price of each product. The possible rounding remainder is added to the most expensive row.