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The products that make up the pack are defined in this section. Also the price of the pack is defined here (only partly, see the settings section). A new product is added to the pack via the "add" button. Note well, that each product can be specified only once in the whole pack, and this limitation applies also to parent/base-product and its product choices but does not apply to different choices of the same product. (I.e. if one product choice is already one possible product in the pack, then its parent/base product must not be added as another entry in the pack; or if the parent/base product has already been added then any of that product's choices must not be added.) For each product, the following details are shown, of which some are modifiable:

  • Item code: The item code of the pack product is placed in the text field. A product with the given item code must exist (the backing product).

  • Price rule: The price rule of the product in the pack (see this chapter on price rule usage).

  • Purchase price: The purchase price of the backing product.

  • Product price: The selling price of the backing product.

  • Show pack in webshop: This option controls whether the product pack is displayed for this product in the webshop.

Above the products, the total product pack price is shown. This is not a price rule, and the value must be a valid non-negative price. The total price is just shown, or it can be changed directly, depending on a pack setting (see the next section). Product can be removed from the pack with the "X" button.