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The leftmost drop-down list is used to define the left operand, or type, of the condition. The left operand determines the property the condition examines. The possible values are grouped to the following categories:

  • Cart total property: Properties related to total/aggregate values of the shopping cart.

  • Cart product property: Properties related to the products of the shopping cart.

  • Customer property: Properties related to the logged in customer.

All the possible properties are listed below. Most of these are self-explanatory, so a description is given only to some of them.

Total priceThe total price of all the items in the shopping cart. Shipping and/or payment costs are not part of this total.
Total quantityThe total quantity of all the items in the shopping cart. If the cart contains products A and B with quantities 1 and 2, the total quantity is 3.
Table 8.1 : Cart total properties

Product property conditions are evaluated on a "first match wins" basis. If the shopping cart contains multiple products, and a campaign condition is configured with some product property condition, then the condition as a whole is true if any product in the cart satisfies the condition. Product properties in general are explained in detail in the product card section of the manual.

Item code--
PriceThe price of a product in the cart. Note that it is the cart price that is evaluated, which may already contain discounts.
Vat category--
Unit type--
Packet size--
Default amount--
Minimum amount--
Maximum amount--
Amount factor--
Packet Type--
Supplier id--
Supplier name--
Supplier item code--
Manufacturer id--
Manufacturer name--
Manufacturer item code--
Title 1 - Title 4--
Slogan 1 - Slogan 4--
Text info 1 - Text info 4--
Open field 1 - Open field 25--
Product type codeIf product does not have a product type, then this type of condition always evaluates to false.
Table 8.2 : Cart product properties

Customer properties can only be true if a customer is logged in to the shop. Otherwise these types of conditions always evaluate to false unless the operator is negated.

For instance comparing customer's total amount of orders with a negated numeric operator
Amount of orders IS NOT less than 1
will evaluate to true for all customers not logged in.

Customer number--
Primary customer group name--
Customer group name"The customer is a member of any customer group with name ...". When the condition is negated, this is interpreted as "the customer is not a member of any customer group with name ...", which can be used to disable the campaign from members of certain customer group(s).
Amount of ordersThe total amount of all the non-cancelled orders of the customer.
Table 8.3 : Customer properties