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The following options are used to configure the products and discounts:

  • Buy X: This is the amount of products that must be in the cart, for the "get Y" option to be evaluated. The value must be greater than zero.

  • Get Y: This is the amount of products from the "buy X" group that are discounted. The value must be greater than zero, but it can not be larger than the "buy X" value.

  • Products: Products that fulfill the conditions of the targeting tree make up the set from which the "buy X" value is calculated.

Below are two example configurations.
Buy X: 3
Get Y: 1

[left empty]
This defines the popular "buy 3, pay 2" discount on all webshop products.
Buy X: 5
Get Y: 2

ProductList condition with item codes:
When the customer buys five products, all of which must be one of the listed ones, then two of them are discounted.