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As with all campaigns, when this campaign figures out whether the discount should be given, only regular products in the cart are considered (products not yet discounted by any other campaign). What this means is that the "buy X" group of products must all be regular products, or products discounted by this campaign. For example, if the cart has three products of which one is already discounted by some other campaign, then a "buy X" value of "3" would mean that no discount is given, as the cart only contains two products towards the amount of three products.

When the "buy X" amount is met, the discount is given to the "get Y" amount of products, from the "buy x" group. The discount is always -100% (i.e. the discounted product is free) and it is given to the cheapest product or products. If the shopping cart contents change in a way that the cheapest product changes, then this is updated to the discounts. The "buy X" value also defines a discount step. This simply means that the discount is given as many times as the "buy X" condition is met. For "buy X" value of 3, step 1 is the amount of 3, step 2 the amount 6 etc.

When the cart quantities of products from the "buy x" group are updated in the webshop, the changed amount may not be updated to the row on which it was made. For example, lets imagine that the "buy 3, pay 2" discount is in use, the cart has 3 products, and the cheapest of them is discounted. If the quantity of the discounted row is increased to 2, then the row is split, creating a new row that contains the discounted product's backing product with a normal price. If, on the other hand, the quantity of a non-discounted row had been increased to 2, no row split would have been made. With the quantity of 4 on the non-discounted row, the updated row's quantity afterwards would have been 3, and the already discounted row's 2 (the cart has 6 products, so the discount is given twice).

"Buy X, get Y" campaigns are not automatically marketed in the webshop in any way. To make customers aware of the campaign, normal marketing measures must be used (banners in the webshop, marketing email etc.).