Automatic Freebie Settings  <<  >> Bargain Behaviour in the webshop

Freebie product's quantity in the cart is always one (1), and every freebie has its own row in the cart. When a freebie is in the cart, its quantity cannot be changed, even if the "quantity" field would be active for the freebie cart row. If the backing product of the freebie is added to the cart when the freebie is in the cart already, the former makes its own row, and behaves as any other regular product in the cart. The freebie can not be removed from the cart, as long as the campaign conditions are true.

Automatic freebie campaigns are not automatically marketed in the webshop in any way. To make customers aware of the campaign, normal marketing measures must be used (banners in the webshop, marketing email etc.).

Note that with no conditions at all, the freebie product(s) get added to cart correctly, but if other product(s) is removed, the freebie remains in the basket. This is the consequence of the campaign logic, which considers the remaining freebie as a basket, and thus keeps the campaign active. To get the freebie removed in this case, just add a condition that cart total sum must be greater than zero.