1 Introduction

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1.3 Terms and Concepts

Global Terms

MerchantThe Merchant is the person who maintains and modifies the Webshop using the Workspace Administration Interface.
Administration InterfaceAdministration Interface is a web application with which the Merchant is able to build and administer the Webshop.
ModuleThe Administration Interface is divided into multiple modules which are specialized in managing different parts of the software, such as product management and designing the visual appearance of the Webshop.
Workspace Action Element (WAE)Workspace Action Elements are the building blocks used to construct the visual appearance and functionality of the Webshop.
WebshopWebshop is the part of Workspace that is open to customers and through which they can browse the product listings and place orders.
Product cardPage, where the details and features of a given product are defined.
ThemeThe theme defines the appearance of the Webshop and the visible product groups. There can be multiple themes for one Webshop, you can create a separate Christmas or summer theme, for example.