2 Installing and Updating Workspace

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2.10 Migrating Workspace Organization to Another Server

NOTE: Make sure that the new server has the same or more recent Workspace version installed

NOTE: 'verkkokauppa' as an organization name is used purely as an example.

Stop Tomcat at old server

Take a copy of organizations database and files inside filemanager

Remove organization from $WORSPACE_HOME/organization.properties and $CATALINA_HOME/conf/server.xml

Start Tomcat at old server and see catalina.out for errors

Insert the database dump and files to new server

Check the WorkspaceOperator database in old server
mysql> select * from Organizations;
| Login        | Name         | Build          | Product  |
| verkkokauppa | verkkokauppa | 20070615152016 | standard |

Insert the same values to WorkspaceOperator database in new server
mysql > INSERT INTO Organization (Login, Name, Build, Product) VALUES ('verkkokauppa', 'verkkokauppa', '20070615152016', 'standard');

Map the virtualhost to organization in $WORSPACE_HOME/organization.properties

If the new server has more recent version installed you need to upgrade the organization

Go to $WORKSPACE_HOME/installers/Workspace_Standard-v(more_recent_version)_shared-(more_recent_build)

Upgrade the organization

sh upgrade.sh verkkokauppa

Move the organizations alias defintion(s) to the correct Workspace virtualhost (build)
<Host name="(build).ws-serverX.smilehouse.com" appBase="($WORKSPACE_HOME)/client_app_base" unpackWARs="false">
  <Context docBase="($WORKSPACE_HOME)/clients/workspace.client_standard_(build).war" path=""/>

Restart Tomcat and see catalina.out for errors

If everything works ok

  • Drop organization spesific data from WorkspaceOperator database (Organizations) at old server

  • Drop organizations database and delete files at old server