2 Installing and Updating Workspace

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2.5 Initial Preparations

New installation procedure requires that each organization has a virtualhost defined

  • Create a CNAME record that points to the server

ws-serverX       IN      A       77.240.17.XXX
*.ws-serverX     IN      CNAME   ws-serverX
Create $WORKSPACE_HOME directory. Usually this is /home/workspace

Export the WORKSPACE_HOME environment variable in two places because of sudo's new security features

  • /etc/init.d/tomcat5

  • /etc/profile

export WORKSPACE_HOME=/home/workspace
If the Tomcat installation does not have MySQL JDBC driver you need to copy it to (TOMCAT_HOME)/shared/lib/ and export the CLASSPATH environment variable in /etc/profile eg.
export CLASSPATH=(TOMCAT_HOME)/shared/lib/mysql-connector-java-(version)-bin.jar