2 Installing and Updating Workspace

2.6 Installing Workspace base System  <<  2.7  >>  2.8 Upgrading Workspace Organization 

2.7 Installing Workspace Organization

NOTE: 'verkkokauppa' as an organization name is used purely as an example. Replace this with real organization name.

Go to $WORKSPACE_HOME/installers/Workspace_Standard-v(version)_shared-(build)

Create new organization
# sh create.sh verkkokauppa

Set the correct base url for the shop
# sh sethost.sh verkkokauppa http://verkkokauppa.ws-serverX.smilehouse.com/

Map the virtualhost to organization in organization.properties

Add the virtualhost as an alias to corresponding virtualhost (workspace build)
<Host name="(build).ws-serverX.smilehouse.com" appBase="($WORKSPACE_HOME)/client_app_base" unpackWARs="false">
  <Context docBase="($WORKSPACE_HOME)/clients/workspace.client_standard_(build).war" path=""/>

Restart Tomcat and see catalina.out for errors