7.3.2 Questions

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Here you can create the contents of the Customer information section in the order and register forms, i.e. the questions that the customer answers when placing an order or creating a new account.

Customer questions
Picture 7.15 : Customer questions

A - Question type B - Text shown in the Webshop C - Required or optional question D - Usage type (order / customer) E - Question's visibility in the Webshop F - Remove button G - Move button

Question management

Each question is on its own row. You can move the rows by clicking the arrow buttons in the Move field (G). You can delete a question by clicking the Remove button (F).

Enter the text that you want to be shown in the Webshop in the Question text field (B), for example Your name (in the Name field).

The Usage type -column (D) determines where in Workspace the question is used. If it is merged as Order the question will be used in order information. If it is merged as Customer the question will be used in customer information.

The Webshop -column (E) is used for controlling the way the question and it's answer is displayed in the Webshop.

Select the question type at the Question type field (A). The input field type and settings are different with different questions.

P.S. You can enter your own values for checkboxes to display on confirmation page: 1) For Order confirmation on Visual-> Themes-> Page Construction -> Order 2 Confirm element page in "Order Confirmation" element. 2) For Customer registration on Visual-> Themes-> Page Construction -> Registration 2 - Confirm in "Registration Confirmation" element.(Some themes do not have customer registration by default. Go to B2C login theme if you want to see one). Also if you want to leave answer blank, then save in the answer some empty spaces.

The "HTML id" field shows the id used for the question's input field on shop order/registration pages. This is needed mostly in Javascripts.