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For modification, click the question type at the question list.

Customer question editor
Picture 7.16 : Customer question editor

  • A - Text shown in the Webshop

  • B - Required or optional question

  • C - Question's visibility and modifiability in the Webshop

  • D - Question's visibility and modifiability in the admin (order information page)

  • E - Used in matching

  • F - Usage type (order / customer)

Question management

Enter the text that you want to be shown in the Webshop in the Question text field (A).

If you tick the box in the Required field (B), the question in that row is compulsory. The customer cannot send the order unless the question has been answered.

The Usage type -option (F) determines where in Workspace the question is used. If you tick "Order", the question will be used in order information. If you tick "Customer", the question will be used in customer information.

The Webshop-option (C) is used for controlling the way the question and it's answer is displayed in the Webshop. If you choose it to be Hidden it won't be shown at all. This way you can for example have some info on customers that the customers themselves can't see in the Webshop but can be accessed by the administrator. If you set the question as Visible the question and the answer will be shown in the Webshop but it can't be modified by the customer. If the question is set as Modifiable the customer can modify the answer.

The admin access mode -option (D) is used for controlling the way the question and it's answer is displayed in the admin order information -page. The choices work the same way as for the (C) option, but apply to admins instead of customers.

If you tick the box Used in matching (E), this question is used by default when orders are connected to customers (selecting a customer).

The input field type and settings are different with different questions.


Name, Street address, City, Post code, E-mail, Phone, Fax, GSM The input field type is Text (text field, where the customer enters the information). You can set the width of the text field in characters.

Input settings
Picture 7.17 : Input settings

Country The input field type is Select, which is a drop down menu where the customer selects from ready options. You can modify the menu by clicking the Settings menu.

Workspace has a list of default countries. You can add a new country by entering its name into the short text field on the right hand side of the list. You can select the country code from the drop down menu.

When you click the arrow between the text field and the list of countries, the new country will appear in the list and the Country drop down menu in the order form in the Webshop. You can delete a country by selecting it from the list and clicking the trash can button.

Payment method, Shipping method

The possible input field type is Select. The customer then selects the payment and shipping method from the list by clicking it. Only one method can be selected at a time

Customer specific theme

The possible input field type is Select. The shop administrator can set the answer on the customer info page (see the note on using this question in the shop in the next paragraph). If this question is activated, a theme can be set for a customer independent from any customer group that the customer might belong to. Also note that if a theme is set for a customer this way, it overrides any theme set for this customer through a customer group (see customer groups). Even if this question is activated, by default a "no theme" answer, indicated by a hyphen ("-"), is set for every customer. If the "no theme" answer is used, then the possible themes set for a a customer through customer groups again apply. Also if the theme that is set for a customer is not active, then the themes from customer groups are used.

This question is designed mainly for situations where, for some reason, there is need to show a theme for a small number of customers, independent from any customer group connections. Hence the theme in question is probably password protected (see theme settings). Also, this question should rarely if ever be visible for the customer in the shop. NOTE: This question can not be used in Workspace Small Business Edition.

Direct advertising

The customers must have the chance to choose whether they accept direct advertising or not. The input field type is Check box, that is a box that is ticked.

You can set the default value. If you assume that the customer accepts direct advertising, tick the box in the Settings field. The box beside the direct advertising question is then already ticked in the Webshop. The customer can still untick the box.

If you assume that the customer does not accept direct advertising, leave the box blank. The customer can still tick the box if desired.

Input settings
Picture 7.18 : Input settings

Free form questions

Here you can create other desired questions. You can choose the input field type from text, check box, select, multiselect and text area. The possible settings depend on the input field type.

For select or multiselect questions you have to enter a list of select options into the text area as shown in the image below. Each line in the text area represents a select option. Note, that the entered options should be unique and empty lines are ignored.

Input settings
Picture 7.19 : Input settings

Text area is a text field where the customer can type text. It differs from Text in that it may have several lines. You can use it for asking for customer feedback, for example. You can set the height (rows) and width (columns) in characters.

Input settings
Picture 7.20 : Input settings

Answer validation

It is possible to configure answer validation logic for a question. The exact validation possibilities depend on the given question type, but generally the choices are the following.

  • Answer's length validation. It allows to specify the legal length range for the answers. Note, that the entered minimum and maximum restrictions are itself also part of the legal length range. If minimum (respectively maximum) length restriction is not specified in the question's configuration, then the minimum (resp. maximum) length is not restricted for the answers.

  • White list validation. If the white list is enabled, then only such answers are allowed for the question, which are composed using the given whitelisted characters.

  • E-mail address format validation -- validates, whether the given answer is valid e-mail address as specified in the RFC-2822.

Once you have made all your changes, click the Accept button.