7.1 Customers

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7.1.1 Customer Search

Customer search
Picture 7.1 : Customer search

Here you can search customers. The search criteria are:

  • Customer number (the Customer column)

  • Customer account login

  • Contact details

  • Customer group

  • Administrator (of the customer)

  • Total of orders

Enter the customer number, for example, in the text field in the Customer column or select the customer group from the drop down menu. Once you click the Search button, you receive a list of the customers who match the selected search criteria.

At the Total of orders column you can also use the following symbols:

  • < smaller than

  • > larger than

  • = equal to

  • <> unequal to

  • && And

  • || Or

For example, the search criteria ">100 && <1500" finds all the customers whose total of orders is between 100 and 1500.

A single number is interpreted as equal to.

You can arrange the customer list according to the customer number, administrator, total of orders or customer registration date by clicking the title of the column in question. The order can be reversed by clicking the title again.

You can change how many results per page are shown from the drop down menu on the top right side of the page. You can see the new amount of results per page after clicking the Search button.