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7.2.1 Import

With the Import tool you can import new customers to the Customers module or update the information of existing customers.

Import is carried out in five steps.

Step 1:

Select CSV-file for import
Picture 7.6 : Select CSV-file for import

Start import by clicking the Browse button. Now you can select the .CSV file with the customer information.

Proceed to step two by clicking the Next button.

Step 2:

Select delimiter for CSV-file
Picture 7.7 : Select delimiter for CSV-file

At this point Workspace analyzes the .CSV file and tries to recognize the delimiter character used. You can change the delimiter if you are certain that the customer import did not read it right. Customer import will also set a symbol that separates the fields in cases where the delimiter character occurs in the customer information. This way it can be ensured that the information are entered correctly in the Customers module.

Once you have made your selections, proceed to step 3 by clicking the Next button.

You can go back to the previous step by clicking the Previous button.

Step 3:

Update customer
Picture 7.8 : Update customer

At this point customer import recognizes the fields of the .CSV file. If the file has been exported from Workspace and it includes identification fields, such as CUSTOMER_NUMBER, LOGIN, PASSWORD, CONTACT_PERSON, CUSTOMER_GROUP or other identifiers, Workspace will automatically give the fields the right column values.

The CUSTOMER_NUMBER field, at least, has to be included in the file so that the customer information can be updated. You can modify and change the column values, if necessary.

NOTE: Do not modify the values in the CUSTOMER_NUMBER field, as Workspace identifies customers by this field. As the values cannot be changed, they are hidden.

NOTE 2: New customers can be added during customers update. In that case CUSTOMER_NUMBER column value should be empty or should contain new customer number(number should not be used for any already existing customer).

If the file does not include any identification fields(at least necessary CUSTOMER_NUMBER field), the import considers the data to be new customer information. In this case you have to set the right column values for the fields yourself.

Proceed to step 4 by clicking the Next button. The Previous button takes you back to the previous step.

Step 4:

Import customers
Picture 7.9 : Import customers

Now Workspace tells you if the information and the column value settings are some way in contradiction. You also receive details about the number of customers whose information you are updating and how many new customers have been recognized. If you only want to update the existing customers, choose "Update customers selected for update".

If you want the new customer information to be processed, as well, choose "Update customer records and add records as new, if cannot be updated".

Then click the Load customers button, which will enter the customer information into Workspace.

Please note that if the file does not include any existing customers that could be updated, the choice will not be offered. Import will enter all information as new customers.

You can modify the settings by going back to the previous step by clicking the Previous button.

Step 5:

Customers added into shop
Picture 7.10 : Customers added into shop

Workspace now tells you how many customer data records were entered and if the update was completed successfully.

Import is not possible in Small Business Edition.