7.2 Tools

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7.2.2 Export

Here you can export customer information one customer into a .CSV file.

Select customer groups to download
Picture 7.11 : Select customer groups to download

  1. In the list, select the customer groups that you want to export and select the delimiter that you want to use to separate the fields in the .CSV file. If a chosen customer group is empty, or somebody removes it before Workspace has exported the customer data, no customers will be exported with this choice.

  2. Click the Next button.

    Select columns to be included in CSV-file
    Picture 7.12 : Select columns to be included in CSV-file

  3. Tick those columns that you want to be included in the exported .CSV file. Click the Next button.

    Customers selected for download
    Picture 7.13 : Customers selected for download

  4. Workspace will tell you that the customer information is ready to be exported. If the information is ready, click the Upload customers button. The browser now asks if you want to save or open the file.

  5. From now on you can handle the file like any other Windows file.

    Export is not possible in Small Business Edition.